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    Our group focuses on custom minted gold and silver products at low premiums rarely seen in the industry.

    Our 1 oz gold coins are sold at 3% over the spot price for any quantity 1 or 1000 at anytime day or night
    7 days a week 365 days a year

    Our 1 oz silver coins are sold at $2.50 over the spot price for any quantity 1 or 1000 at anytime day or night
    7 days a week 365 days a year

    AGR offers shipping anywhere world wide using the major carriers (contact us for details).  Our dynamic interface allows us to process transactions in any of the major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD,CNY and CHF).  We offer some of the most competitve exchange rates in the industry, making American Gold Rush a fantastic world class option for purchasing gold and silver bullion.

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    A little history about the first gold coins produced in America. It was the original $10 gold "Eagle" coins. These coins were originally minted by the United States Mint starting in 1795. We have to remember that back in the early 1930s gold was trading approximately $21 an ounce and today no one would ever have believed that 80 years later we would have gold trading anywhere near $1,900 an ounce. More than two hundred years later, another American Gold Rush is happening in New York and they are going to produce their own new pure minted 24K gold coins in 2013. Pricing as low as 2.5%  per coin over spot and these custom pure gold coins will become some of the greatest symbols of what we stand for in America "Liberty and Freedom". American Gold Rush officially is scheduling to release to the public a new custom genuine 1 oz. minted pure fine gold coins in 2013. The modem bullion custom design coin are to be minted in the United States and Africa that will be certified genuine by the American Gold Rush mint division for its actual weight, content and purity. American Gold Rush announces that all minted gold coins and bars can be stored in their new high tech secured private depository vaults in Suffolk, New York.

    Each American Gold Rush gold classic genuine coins is minted honoring what we stand for in the American way of "Liberty and Freedom" on the front. The custom design on the reverse side of the coin is a map of the world. Every coin was custom designed and minted by American Gold Rush in 2013.

    The American Gold Rush coins will be available in four different versions and weights. The privately issued one-ounce pure gold coins has a diameter of 32mm, a thickness of 2.75mm, contains one troy ounce of pure fine gold. Our one-ounce { 1oz } gold minted by American Gold Rush is sold in single and variable units of one ounce coins. Later this year the coins will be available in a: half-ounce gold coin contains a half-ounce of pure fine gold, a quarter-ounce gold coin contains a quarter-ounce of pure fine gold and a tenth-ounce gold coin witch contains a tenth-ounce of pure fine gold. We will keep you up to date with new releases, press releases by American Gold Rush minting division during the year but without release date or to be determined dates. All American Gold Rush bullion coins are certified 24 karat { 999. } fine gold. gold. Each coin is genuine and guaranteed to contain an exact quantity of gold, minted exclusively in the United States, and in Africa to meet the highest rigid quality standards by America Gold Rush custom bullion mint division.

    You'll see why the American Gold Rush custom minted bullion coins has become America's trusted name in precious metals industry. 
    Our collectable custom minted bullion coins are not intended for Legal Tender.

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