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    AMERICAN GOLD RUSH is a specialty precious metal buying and selling organization.

    Our group focuses on changing markets and has expert skills in precious metals.

    At American Gold Rush, the our team of experienced metallurgists and have over 60 years combined experience in the Gold Buying and Refining Industry.

    Don't Sell Your Gold For Cash
    Swap Your Cash For Gold

    We have operations Domestically and Internationally doing business operations in West Africa and are presently in contracts with direct principles in the mining of Gold and Diamond industry. We deal with many mining groups that we have joint-ventured together. Since its foundation as precious metals Buyers, Sellers, Assayers Worldwide we continue to developing and adapting constantly to the ever changing need of our customers to make available instant CASH or convert or swap out CASH for instant fine 24K Gold Coins or Ingots. You can expect payment or coins within (1) one to (12) hours according to what part of the Globe you live! 

    The President of AMERICAN GOLD RUSH has been in many parts of West Africa and was awarded a contract for 98 Million US Dollars to build a teaching Hospital in the Ivory Coast so that no children would be turned away for not having Money. We joint ventured with major groups in the mining industry that controlled most of the Gold in West Africa that agreed to lower kilo prices to help support the construction and the new Hospital having the ability to stay open by the support of Gold sales. We are looking forward to paying our customers Domestically and Internationally the Highest Yield Prices for GOLD.

    All transactions are strictly confidential.

    We are Principals in all transactions pertaining to
    Precious Metals and Diamonds.

    At American Gold Rush, the President's Team of experienced metallurgist and gemologist have over 60 years experience in the Gold and Diamond Buying and Refining Industry.

    The team was appointed operations manager responsible for planning, processing, mining, refining, construction, maintenance and engineering in regions of West Africa.