American Gold Rush is really the Gold Rush seller and buyer of our time!

    Gold remains the incontestable “King of Metals” Gold is the most “precious-precious” metal today!

    We specialize in online exclusive dealership and deliverer of our private minted custom sharp detailed exotic 24K fine gold bullion coins, which are inspected including special handling to guarantee authenticity and purity. We are bringing you the customer or buyer confidence of liquidity worldwide, privacy, prestige, sense of permanency, portable, easy to transport and conceal, hidden and passed on from generation to generation, collectability and are most desirable of them all with possible profitable return with unmatched beauty consistently has universal appeal. Our custom beautifully minted 24k bullion fine gold coins are not legal tender. Custom fabrication is truly a work of art and craftsmanship makes all the difference.

    American Gold Rush makes buying physical gold simple and convenient as a buyer. We are proud to offer our new custom fine gold bullion coins for purchase or trade to our collectors, investors and business partners etc. that prefer coins in exchange for scrap gold etc.

    Our private buy/sell depository keeps all funds totally segregated with our proof of assigned documentation of ownership showing legal title Gold Certificates numbered of your physical gold while they are stored in our modern maximum secured preexisting bank vault that is outside the banking system. Our maximum vault meets the global demand for safety with the latest security measures and this is one of the best ways to protect your assets. We understand your needs and requirements that our gold account offer another way to own physical gold. Our vault location and protection in the USA that is a leading world power and convenient to our residents including our overseas customers that offers peace of mind. We offer 24/7 armored guard service officers and advance surveillance security system with access to airport terminals adjacent to MacArthur airport that is protect by civil aviation authority.

    American Gold Rush is offering a highly reliable service in Gold and diamonds with expertise gained over decades in testing metals and inspecting precious stones.

    PURCHASE: Your information is keep strictly confidential. Confidentiality is Priceless for all our customers and storage holders without being exposed or any risk to your privacy.

    Americans have regained the right to own gold bullion as of three decades. Buying our custom gold coins, ingots, bars can be considered collectables, commemoratives; souvenirs are worthwhile activities that overtime can quite likely result in your favor as well as bring fun and an exciting activity.

    Customer[s]represent that all our customers transactions with American Gold Rush shall be for investment, speculation or other commercial purposes and not for any personal, family, household or other customer purpose.

    REFUNDS, RETURNS and EXCHANGE PROCEDURE: Our policy is No Refunds, no returns and no exchanges on precious metal purchase of bullion coins or bullion or raw uncertified coins or bars and applies to all customers who have chosen storage in our secured insured vaults.

    RESALE, PURCHASED PRECIOUS METALS: The resale of precious metals for American Gold Rush customer[s] or purchaser[s] maybe able to make a special arrangements with our management division

    by sending a written request to sell by registered mail, western union or any overnight carriers for our review and evaluation to determine what could be a satisfactory agreement for both parties[customer[s] and American Gold Rush LLC.

    Shipping and Handling: Charges in US dollars only. All packages will be shipped FOB from our facility by United Postal Serviced that will be insured & registered/only in the USA. Delivery arrangements for armored car carrier for orders over $100,000.00 US dollars will be required and fees will be the purchaser’s responsibility.

    We invite you to contact our purchasing precious metal division for quotes including purchase information procedures without obligation and in total confidentiality.